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Retail display security is a term used to describe the application of loss prevention systems to reduce and even stop shoplifting in retail stores.

Over the years the more sophisticated display alarm systems were introduced in order to keep in time with technology and more advanced thieves.

RTF was incorporated in 1997 and introduced a new, secure merchandise display alarm technology that made the movement of cellular products from display position to display position very easy and this innovation received a patent in 1998.

Boomerang still today exists as an affordable and simple security tether system to protect and properly position consumer electronics in retail stores. For years Boomerang3 has been helping retailers like Bell, TELUS, Freedom Mobile, Vodafone as well as many more and Boomerang5 recently launched as a simple tape based retail display solution for smartphones.

Boomerang components - 3M Tape Pad, Mount, Recoiler, Pull Box, Retractor, Bracket [YouTube Video]
Boomerang protection - Dummy smartphones/tablets, iPad, iPad Mini, Razors, GPS, Bluetooth speakers

In 2001, Vise [YouTube Video] changed how displayed cell phones were protected. Through universal locking claws, Vise established itself first to market with this cost effective and environmentally friendly approach. Customers such as T-Mobile nationally implemented this mechanical display system from 2003 to 2006.

Vise5 is the current edition within the Vise lineage and perfectly displays, charges and secures the latest iPhone smartphones, Samsung Galaxy tablets, smart watches, digital cameras and laptops.

Vise Components - Locking arms, 3M Tape Pad and Post, Charge Cap, Charge Mount, Recoiler [Pull Box, Retractor] Bracket [YouTube Video]
Vise Protection - Live Smartphones/Tablets, iPad Tablet Security, iPad Mini, Razors, GPS, MPS Player, eReaders, Kindle

RTF plans to change the face of retail display security through its recent announcement of SmartCircle. A very innovative approach to get more out of the displayed Smartphones and Tablets - see how it works on YouTube.



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